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Jun 08, 2004 · Rough & tumble, mis-used & abused municipal use. They have shown preference for 304SS construction w/AR400 floor. With the current market upheaval driving prices. and availability out of sight, I don't necessarially agree that 304SS is the answer. I can quote them bodies constructed totally of 1/4" AR450 steel for 10-15% less. AR450 Hardox - Galion-GodwinAR450 Hardox steel is an abrasion resistant wear plate manufactured by industry leading high strength steel manufacturer SSAB. Hardox is a brand of SSAB similar to Domex. Hardox steel is ideal for bodies which will be used for hauling very abrasive and high impact materials such as boulders, demo materials and medium to large aggregate.

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Properties of AR450 Steel. AR450 steel has more surface hardness than AR400, good ductility and formability, as well as being impact resistant, as previously mentioned. It has a tensile strength of 214 KSI, yield strength of 181 KSI, and hardness of 429-495 Brinell. Some other important characteristics can be found below. Abrasion Resistant Steel Plate and Hardox 300/ 400/ 500 Hardox® 450 Plate can be cut by using all cutting methods such as oxy-fuel, plasma, laser and abrasive water jet. Ar450 Steel Plate Equivalent Ar400 Steel Plate Hardox 400 price Abrasion Resistant Plate AR400 We offer Wear Resistance steel plate , HARDOX 400 ( Sweden ), ABREX 400 ( JAPAN ), AR 400, also called SUMIHARD 400 ( JAPAN ) is a union of toughness and hardness, giving it the exclusivity to be used in moderate wear areas. They are designed to weld quickly, looking good in appearance.

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The most popular abrasion-resistant steel with excellent structural properties. Hardox® 450 is an abrasion-resistant steel with a nominal hardness of 450 HBW. Hardox® 450 combines good bendability and weldability with an option for guaranteed impact toughness (Hardox® 450 Tuf). The products can be used in many different components and structures that are subject to wear. Hardox 450 Plate - Mid City SteelHardox 450, with an extra 50 Brinell hardness over our 400 grade, provides better dent and abrasion resistance as well as longer wear life, so you can achieve even greater savings. dimension range Hardox 450 and Hardox 450 Tuf are available in thicknesses of 3.2-130 mm. For thickness over 80 mm the preferred width is 1650 mm. Hardox Wear Steel Plates and Parts Mid City Steel Feb 28, 2017 · When weight is a factor or you just need the hardest, most consistently wearing material then you should consider Hardox 450. Hardox is produced at such high levels of quality that the final product is uniquely uniform. In truck bodies thinner material can be used for the same wear time reducing weight and allowing for higher capacity or saving

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Hardox 450 Hardox 500 vc[m/min] 10 8 5 3 6 5 3 2,5 Size Speed, n [rpm] M10 320 255 160 95 190 160 95 80 M12 265 210 130 80 160 130 80 65 M16 200 160 100 60 120 100 60 50 M20 160 125 80 45 90 80 45 40 M24 130 105 65 40 80 65 40 30 M30 105 85 50 32 60 50 32 25 Weldox 700 Weldox 900/960 v c [m/min] ~8 ~7 D [mm] Feed rate, f [mm/rev] 15 0,05-0,20 hardox 400 equivalent astm-C H I D STEEL GRADE AR400 Steel and T-1 Steel American Galvanizers AssociationFeb 08,2011 hardox 400 equivalent astm#0183;There is no ASTM specification for AR steel,and it is produced by a number of steel manufacturers under a variety of trade names such as Algoma 400 and Hardox.T-1 steel,unlike AR400,is an alloy steel covered by ASTM A514 / A514M - 05(2009 How To Compare Heat Treated Wear Resistant Steels - AR400 type wear resistant steel leads most people to believe the steel they buy is 400 (Brinell) BHN hardness, just by hearing the name. The same goes for AR200, AR300, AR450, AR500 or AR600. Doesnt the name tell us the hardness? Because there are ZERO industry standards or guidelines, any plate could be any hardness at all.