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A Case Study of Heat Treatment on AISI 1020 Steel

Then the specific heat treatment operation like hardening, annealing and normalizing had been done. For specific heat treated specimen, the hardness test was done for assessing the change in hardness. Normalizing does not soften the steel to the Metallographic tests were carried out to observe the changes in microstructures after heat treatment. EFFECT OF HEAT TREATMENT ON THE MECHANICAL Heat treatment can change the material properties in terms of its strength and resistance properties. The change in microstructure of the material when heat treated can influence the mechanical properties and the microstructure of the aluminium alloy. The aim is to study these effects to design products according to

Experiment:Heat Treatment - Quenching & Tempering

2) To study the effects of heat treatment on the microstructure and mechanical properties of steels; impact strength and hardness will be measured for heat treated specimens. 3) To quantitatively evaluate the hardenability, or depth of hardness, of a steel rod through application of the standard (ASTM A255) Jominy End-Quench Test. Abstract INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SCIENTIFIC & strength, hardness and to relieve internal stress developed in the material. Here basically the experiment of hardness test, impact test, wear test and compression is done to get idea about heat treated duplex stainless steel, which has extensive uses in all industries and scientific research and development fields. Index Terms:Heat Treatment STUDY THE EFFECT OF MICROSTRUCTURE AND Study the Effect of Microstructure and Hardness After Heat Treatment 22 of the part has to be Carbon enriched using some diffusion treatment hardening techniques. 3. Material Modification:Heat treatment is used to modify properties of materials in addition to hardening and softening. These processes modify the

Study the Effect of Cold Working and Heat Treatment on

Figure (6) Effect of cold working and heat treatment on the Hardness value of C70600 Figure (4) show the effect of the cold working rate and heat treatment conditions, on the hardness value of the alloys (70%Cu:30%Ni), it can be observed that the effect of heat treatment increases with increasing the Study the Effect on the Hardness after Heat Treatment Heat Treatment is often associated with increasing the strength of improved wear resistance:Hardening. material, but it can also be used to alter certain hinability :Annealing manufacturability objectives such as improve machining, improve formability, restore ductility after a cold working operation.Study of effect of Heat Treatment Processes on the Sanjeev Kumar Jaiswal Studied on the effect of heat treatment processes on the hardness and the microstructure of medium carbon steel. In this paper they state that the value of hardness decreases with retention of samples in the furnace for a longer period. D. A. Fadare Studied about the effect of