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0.3-3.2mm decoiler and straightener 2 In 1, model GL-200

This series machine contains decoiler and straightener together, so as 2 in 1. It can decoil sheet metal strip coil, then straighten it automatically, for automatic stamping & punching. It has perfect straightening performance. It can be customized according to your special application requirement. Welcome to contact us for more details. Specification 0.5-3.0mm cradle type decoiler and straightener 2 in 1 0.5-3.0mm cradle type decoiler and straightener 2 in 1, model CL-150, 200, 300, 400. Brand GOODMAC ; Model CL-150, CL-200, CL-300, CL-400 ; Decoiler power without motor motive ; Coil car for coil no ; Coil inside diameter 50-530 mm ; Pressing arm for coil no ; Coil

0.6-6mm high strength material decoiler straightener

Model:GLK4-600H:GLK4-800H:GLK4-1000H:GLK4-1300H:Metal sheet coil width:70-600mm:70-800mm:70-1000mm:70-1300mm:Metal sheet thickness:0.6-6mm:Coil weight maximum:5000KGS:7000KGS:7000KGS:10000KGS:Coil inside diameter:508mm:Coil outside diameter:1400mm:Feeding precision:±0.15mm:Feeding speed:0-16 m/min:Decoiler mandrel expanding:by hydraulic 2 in1 Decoiler & Straightener - chiefauto2 in1 Decoiler & Straightener. With a suitable radius of curvature, the material will not undergo secondary deformation after leveling. Space saving. The correcting roller can be tilted, with high flatness and easy operation. Highly rigid mechanical structure ensures leveling accuracy. Automatic Decoiling Straightener 2 In 1 Machine Supplier Automatic Decoiling Straightener 2 in 1 Machine Supplier . Features. 1, Decoiler and straightener 2 in 1 machine, can improve the plants utilizable space. 2, The straightener adopts balance fine adjust device, suitable for process high precision products. 3, The rollers adopt the solid bearing steel and hard chrome plating treatment.

Combined Uncoiler And Straightener 2 In 1 Machine

Mar 25, 2019 · Combined Uncoiler And Straightener 2 In 1 Machine,Uncoiler Leveler Feeder Machine. Decoiler Straightener 2 in 1 Machine with single point adjustment. This machine is going to Poland market. Previous: Uncoiler straightener model GO for 0.4-2.2mm th GO Type Straightener Decoiler For Sheet Thickness:Uncoiler & Leveler. Feature. 1The decoiler is integrated with straightener, covering a small area, easy to operate. 2Suitable for various metal material thickness in 0.4-2.5mm 3Adopt the whole steel frame body, which has the advantages of strong structure, stable operation, less occupation and save space. 4The roller is made of solid bearing steel, heat treatment HRC60, and then Gl-400A Model 2 In 1 Decoiler Straightener Machine For Home / Gl-400A Model 2 In 1 Decoiler Straightener Machine For Sale Gl-400A Model 2 In 1 Decoiler Straightener Machine For Sale HENLI 2021-01-09T19:37:13+08:00 Project Description

Good quality of Henlis machines 2 in 1 decoiler and

These two kinds of 2 in 1 decoiler and straightener both have the following advantages:Save factory area. 2 machines are together one. Suitable for all kinds of metal coil automatic straightening, easy to operate. Suitable for metal parts, electron, electrical appliance, toy and auto parts continuous pressing production, straightening . Steel Coil Straightening Machines Metal Sheet Roll Forming Application of 2 in 1 Straightener and Decoiler; Blanking Line for Metal Stamping Parts; Press Feeding Line for Construction Hardware Industry Model TL-150 TL-200 TL-300 TL-400 TL-500 TL-600 TL-700 TL-800 TL-1000 TL- 1300:1600:Material Thickness (mm) 0.35-2.2:0.35-2.2:0.35-2.2:0.35-3.2:0.35-3.2:Speed of Feed (m/min) 15:Motor(HP UL Series 2 in 1 Decoiler Straightener from China UL series combined type 2 in 1 decoiler straightener machine, suitable for coil sheet decoiling and straightening. The coil sheet thickness is less than 3.5mm and the width less than 600mm. Inverter and press arm are optional. Manual straightener rollers gap adjustment device.

Uncoiler Straightener 2 In 1,Coil Feeding Lines,Coil Line

Model:CL-150:CL-200:CL-300:CL-400:Coil width:150mm:200mm:300mm:400mm:Coil thickness:0.5-3.0mm:Straightener roller:60*7pcs[3 On Top/4 On Bottom] Driving Rolls:Inlet:70*2/Outlet:98*2:Coil O.D. 800mm:Coil weight:400kg:500kg:500kg:500kg:Adjusting speed Motor:1HP:1HP:2HP:2HP:Package:Wooden Case:After-sale service:1 Year:Delivery time:1-10 workdays:Decoiler and Straightener 2 IN 1 Machine Decoiler Oct 10, 2020 · Decoiler and Straightener 2 IN 1 Machine Henli Machinery is a professional Decoiler / Uncoiler , Coil Straightener / lever and Coil feeder manufacturer with