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(PDF) Ductility Reduction Factors of Inelastic SDOF

Ductility factor, also known as strength reduction factor (SRF), is considered to primarily depend on the initial time period of the single-degree-of-freedom (SDOF) oscillator and the displacement Comparison of ductility reduction factors for MDOF flexure 1. Introduction. The seismic ductility reduction factor, denoted as R, is not only an important indicator in strength-based seismic design, but also a key factor to determine the inelastic response spectra in performance-based seismic design theory.Seismic ductility reduction factors are defined as the ratios of the minimum bearing capacity for structures keeping perfect elastic mechanical

Determination of ductility factor considering different

Aug 25, 1999 · Abstract. In current seismic design procedures, base shear is calculated by the elastic strength demand divided by the strength reduction factor. This factor is well known as the response modification factor, R, which accounts for ductility, overstrength, redundancy, and damping of a structural system. In this study, the R factor accounting for ductility is called the ductility factor, R. Equivalent ductility factors, taking into account low During strong earthquakes, the deformation capacity of structures is reduced due to the cumulative damage caused by cyclic load reversals. In the paper, equivalent (reduced) ductility factors have been proposed, which take into account this effect. They are based on different failure hypotheses. Evaluation of Overstrength Factor and Ductility Factor for reduction factor to reduce the elastic force to the design earthquake force. Some of the seismic codes have been listed below: Nepal- NBC 105:2019- Overstrength factor and Ductility factor- Design dependent on Overstrength and Ductility Nepal- NBC 105:1994- Structural Performance factor- Design dependent on ductility

Performance-based assessment of response reduction factor

Jul 28, 2018 · The ductility ratio as well as the ductility factor decreases with increase of the soil flexibility from hard to soft soil due to increase in the flexible behavior of water tank. In case of 2200 m 3 water tank, consideration of flexibility of medium and soft soil in analysis reduces ductility factor as much as 11 and 14% as compared to fixed base condition. Scaling of ductility and damagebased strength reduction Jun 19, 2000 · Ductility factor, also known as strength reduction factor (SRF), is considered to primarily depend on the initial time period of the singledegreeoffreedom (SDOF) oscillator and the displacement ductility demand ratio for the ground motion.Ductility reduction factor formulations for seismic design Jan 01, 2019 · The ductility reduction factor for a SDOF system, R , S D O F, is defined as the ratio between the peak force in an elastic system V b, S D O F ( = 1) and the peak force V b, S D O F = in an elastic-perfectly plastic oscillator with identical elastic period, damping and mass, for a given target displacement ductility, (, ):(2) R , S D O F = V b, S D O F ( = 1) V b, S D O F ( = )